Public Lecture: Children, Social Welfare and State Violence in New Zealand

5 Jul

Based on new and ongoing research, this presentation examines the violence suffered by children and young people in state-run welfare institutions in New Zealand.  The talk begins by providing a preliminary indication of the extent and nature of harms inflicted on this population.  This will include discussion about the long-term ramifications of violence in terms of the progression of children and young people from institutions of ‘care and protection’ to prisons. Following this, the talk focuses on two key issues: first, how these children, now adults, have resisted the violence they endured; second, how state workers have engaged in techniques of counter-resistance, to close down avenues of truth or redress for this group.


Lizzy Stanley is Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.  She teaches and researches on the issues of state crimes, human rights, transitional justice and social justice.  Her previous work focused on rights and justice issues in South Africa, Chile and Timor-Leste. Author of a range of academic articles in international journals and edited collections, her recent book, Torture, Truth and Justice, is published by Routledge, 2009.

4-30pm Wednesday 21 July 2010

Council Chamber, Lanyon Building, Queen’s University


For further information please contact Deaglan Coyle, School of Law Tel: 028 9097 3472


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