CAJ at the Belfast Film Festival

20 Apr
Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
Article 3 – Universal Declaration on Human Rights 1948
The Policing Programme at CAJ in conjunction with Queen’s University will co-host a film strand entitled ‘Policing and the People’ as part of the 10th Belfast Film Festival.The strand will explore the human consequence of state security including the impact of implementing security policy on the police themselves. This film strand explores the human consequences of stat security, including the impact of implementing security policy on the police themselves. Through documentaries in three profoundly different contexts a people- centred view of fear, vulnerability and insecurity emerges that challenges the traditional notion of social stability achieved through national security.
In Northern ireland the complexity involved in maintaining public order is explored in The Fuse of Peace which focuses on the events surrounding the Ardoyne Parade in 2009.Further afield the stark realities of policing at the front line of the war against the Taliban are explored in The Survivors- Days in Zhari Police Station. Finally, the unforeseen social consequences of U.S and Mexican border security are examined in The Fence.


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  1. ‘The Fence’ « Irishcriminologyresearchnetwork's Blog - 23/04/2010

    […] of a security fence on the American-Mexican border was shown this week at an event sponsored by the CAJ and the School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work, QUB at the Belfast Film Festival. Here Teresa Degenhardt, ICRN member and Lecturer in Criminology at QUB, reflects on questions of […]

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