Mixed Methods Research Seminar

1 Apr

You are invited to a seminar on mixed methods research with Prof Max
Bergman, Chair in Methodology and Political Sociology at the
University of Basel, Switzerland. The title of the seminar is:

‘Mixed Methods Research: Methodological Muddle,

Alternative Research Design, or the Beginning of a New Research Era?’

Date:  Wednesday 14 April, 2010 from 1pm – 3pm

Location:  Theatre G6, 40-45 Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1.

Prof Bergman is co-editor of the Journal of Mixed Methods Research
(Sage Pub.) and editor of the book Advances in Mixed Methods Research:
Theories and Applications (Sage Pub.). He has held previous teaching
and research posts at the Universities of Cambridge, Essex, Florence
(European University Institute), Geneva, Lausanne, St. Gall, and
Zurich. His current research interests include the study of social
inequality, including issues relating to social exclusion and social
capital, qualitative and quantitative research methodology, focusing
particular on conceptualization, measurement, and data theory.

To reserve a place please email mairead.seymour@dit.ie


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