Still waiting…

25 Mar

Reports today say that Saville’s Bloody Sunday Inquiry Report has now been passed to lawyers from MI5, the Northern Ireland Office and the Ministry of Defence. The lawyers will review the contents of the 5,000 page document, a process likely to take at least two weeks to see whether any of the material in it could endanger life or ‘threaten national security’. Representatives of the families have argued that the report should be published as soon as possible and that no part of the report should be redacted:

Earlier this month, the incoming Northern Ireland Justice Minister – the Alliance Party’s David Ford, caused controversy when he suggested that Saville’s Inquiry was ‘pointless’:

Dan Keenan’s piece in today’s Irish Times which contains interviews with families of the killed and injured provides a vivid account of how the their campaign to ‘set the truth free’ has not been diminished over time.


One Response to “Still waiting…”

  1. nicola carr 26/05/2010 at 16:07 #

    Bloody Sunday report launch date
    The final report into the Bloody Sunday massacre is to be published on June 15 at 12.30. The British Prime Minister David Cameron will report on the Inquiry in a speech to parliament on that day. Families will have access to the findings at Derry’s Guildhall some hours earlier. The announcement was made in the House of Commons some minutes ago.

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